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Our extra curricular 6 week FILM SCHOOL programme provides schools with an innovative and creative programme.

Looking for something a little bit different to engage children and young people attending your playscheme?
Our FILM SCHOOL for playschemes programme is delivered over 3-5 days.
We will work with children attending your playscheme to develop their skills in scripting, research, camera skills, interview / presenting techniques and video editing – resulting in the production of a video news report or short film.

Immersive and engaging workshops enabling young people to create topical and issue-based video news reports and short films.


Our filmschool online digital achievement badges are specifically targeted at key stage 1&2 children. 

How it works :

  • each school /  provision is able to access it’s own bespoke digital badge webspace.

  • children undertake a 6 week filmschoo programme tasked with producing a topic based short film or video news report.

  • for every workshop / filmschool task completed, children are awarded an online digital badge and points.
    Children can track by progress / leaderboards by logging into the digital badge webspace.